Xbox 720 ‘Durango’ Development Kit Sells on eBay for $20,000


A few weeks back, we reported on the ‘Xbox 720′ Development Kit being leaked, and offered to be sold for $10,000. Well, last night, a ‘XBOX Durango Development Kit’ sold on eBay for a whopping $20,100, and is probably on its way to that ‘lucky’ buyer now.

That ‘lucky’ buyer either just bought what may be a first glimpse of the next generation Xbox, or an overly expensive home computer. But who is that lucky buyer? Could it be a rich fan looking to spill the beans on what we have in-store for the next gen? Could it be a developer who couldn’t manage to get their hands on an early development kit? Or better yet, could it be Microsoft themselves attempting to reclaim the kit and get it back in the right hands and silence the seller? The world may never know, but the buyer’s bidding history does show an interest in computers and electronics.

We may never know what is going to happen with this kit, but we do know something for sure, they are out there and developers are working hard on making games for the next generation of home consoles. With Microsoft confirming the next-gen Xbox is on its way (but of course later denying it), it may just seem that the next generation is just around the corner and the way won’t be going on for much longer.