Bungie Begins Beta Testing for Destiny


While little is known about Bungie’s next game, we surely do know some info from the subtle hints they have dropped, and the massive leak that happened earlier this year. However, it seems Bungie and Activision employees aren’t the only people who are aware of the game, as testing for the game seems to have begun.

In one of the recent mail sacks on Bungie.net, Bungie has revealed that they are already tapping into their beta testers list that users may sign up on. When asked if “Bungie started reaching out for Beta Testers already,” Bungie replied:

“We most certainly have! Our User Research team has very specific curiosities in mind when they tap a Beta Tester on the shoulder. The mazes that they build into their Laboratorium are meticulously customized for the people they choose to run through them. If you have yet to be selected, sit tight – and make sure that the email address attached to your profile is one that you still check. Your time may yet come.”

Of course, odds right now of being selected this early in the development, especially since the game has yet to officially be announced. I’m sure Bungie is keeping a close eye on those testing their game, making sure they don’t leak anything.