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‘The Last Of Us’ Is The Playstation 3’s New Exclusive

The Spike TV Video Game Awards are just a week away,  and they promise to show us the world premiers of all new titles. We’re getting a sneak peak at one early, however, as IGN has provided the teaser trailer for the PlayStation 3 exclusive, The Last of Us.

The very brief trailer below is a compilation of real-life footage from various scenes of chaos including riots, natural disasters, and even 9/11. The narrator gives us a Ron Pearlman in Fallout-esque account of everyday life having been flipped on it’s head, so it looks like the game will involve a post-apocalyptic scenario of some sort. The official website for the game has also appeared and features another revealing trailer of an ant on a plant.

We probably won’t learn more about the game until the VGAs air on December 10 at 8 PM EST. In the meantime, let us know what you’re looking forward to at the show and what you think about The Last of Us in the comments or in our forums!

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